It's been a real pleasure working with the Salmar Theatre in Salmon Arm for over 2 years now. I've partnered up with the theatre in Salmon Arm to develop and maintain different forms of advertising. The most specific has been running their digital pre-show that runs on all 5 screens before all movies. That's 5 screens 2 shows a day Monday - Friday and 4 shows a day Saturday and Sunday with your ad running multiple times before each show... amazing exposure! Anyways, enough about what I do.

The Salmar Theatre is very unique. Not just because it is a fully digital movie plex offering great sound, seating, popcorn and customer service, but because they are a non-profit organization that is run to help the community of Salmon Arm. The Salmar is only one of a few in North America and one of the first in Canada. They are an amazing bunch of people.

As I mentioned, I run and maintain their advertising. Which means my job is basically to help them create and grow a new revenue stream for their work in the community.

Here's a list of projects that the Salmar has been involved with since last October 2010. These are just some of the projects they are involved with in the Salmon Arm Community:

- Donated towards a new roof for the Salmon Arm Fall Fair building; - Playground equipment for a new playground in town; - Purchased a pitching machine for the Salmon Arm Minor Baseball league; - Donated towards Haney Heritage Museum; - Donated to the Canada Day Children's Festival; - Donated towards the Caravan Theatre/Okanagan College residential construction program.

Aside from these great endeavours, the Salmar also offers free air time on our pre-show to other non-profit organizations in town. This has been of a huge benefit and savings to these organizations. We've had the honor of having the Children's Festival, Haney Heritage Museum, Salmon Arm Downtown Improvement Assoc., The All About Women Conference and even more.

If you are a business in Salmon Arm that has ever advertised with us, thank you for your contributions to the community. Your money spent on quality advertising is going back into the community. And to those thinking about signing up with us for advertising, you can be confident that a majority of your money is going right back into the community where you work, live and play.

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