Leading up to the Chilliwack Municipal Election this Saturday, November 19th, I'll be sharing who I'm voting for City Council and why. It's not going to terribly in depth or overview of political standpoints or negative towards any of the candidates. This is just going to be my straight up personal opinion as to why I think these 6 people should be on City Council. Take or leave it, but this is who I'll be choosing on my ballot come Saturday. As I mentioned before, I got to sit down with almost all of the council candidates and talk with them both on camera and off camera. There were a few that really spoke well and a few that I wish I could have spoken with. Here's my thoughts of what I've learned so far:

Jason Lum

Out of all the candidates I got to sit down with during our interviews, Jason was the one person I resonated best with. I believe Chilliwack needs some one with the youth, vigor and passion that Jason has. He is passionate about Chilliwack, about it's people and service and about it's business. Being involved with the Chilliwack Chamber and Chilliwack Economic Partners Corp. Jason has had his hand on the heart beat of what drives this community. I want someone on council that understands local business and can step up to the plate for improving our local economy.

I also really liked Jason for something simple. You can just talk with the guy. With this being a vote for local government, I want to know I can talk with anyone on council. From the mayor to any of the council members, I want to know, if the need were to arise, I could phone, email, stop by, bug them on the street or whatever and that they would listen. I enjoyed my time talking with Jason and his level headed approach on a number of topics, from budget to downtown Chilliwack, he's honest and straightforward.

Lastly, I'm voting for Jason because I think he is very honest and transparent. He gives you a straight answer and speaks well. I like that in any level of government.

If you live in Chilliwack, I hope to see you out this Saturday, voting for our municipality!

Matthew A. Hawkins