Earlier this week I promised I would do a little write up for each of the council candidates I will be voting for this November 19th 2011. Well it didn't work out, so I'm posting it all here and why I think they should be on council. In no particular order, they are: Jason Lum - I wrote about him already, just check it out here.

Chuck Stam - He's experienced and a successful, honest business man in town. I think he's great potential to continue his work on city council.

Ken Popove - I don't know much about Ken, but what I do know is enough for me to mark his name on my ballot. We buy all our tires from him because he's a local business and he has some of the best customer service in town. Aside from business he's also been heavily involved in the community.

Sue Attrill - She has 3 years of experience on council already and she has a wealth of experience in business. She's been very involved with the community and is passionate about the work she's done and hopes to continue to do on city council.

Ken Huttema - Ken was very well spoken both on camera and off camera for our interview. Hearing him talk about getting the library built in Sardis and all the work that's gone into planning the downtown revitalization you could see a spark in his eyes for the work he does on council. He's a successful business man in agriculture which I think is so important to have represented on council.

For my last choice it's a toss up between these two. I'll be reading more tonight to figure out who I'll choose tomorrow.

Mitchell Nosko - I had a great interview with Mitchell for the Valley Votes website. He has a very interesting perspective on Chilliwack as he gets to deal with a lot of tourists through his flight business at the airport. I can't say I've liked everything I've read about him saying at meetings and such, but from our 1 on 1 conversation, I was really impressed with his platform and honest opinions.

Ron Browne - Ron has an abundance of experience in the medical and administrative fields. He is soft spoken but very intelligent. This is what I gathered from our first 10 minutes together for our interview. He has a balanced approach to work on city council and a real heart to serve the citizens of Chilliwack. I appreciated his soft voice and his passion to help shape our community.

There you have it.

If you want to see the video interviews I did, check out Valley Votes here.

I'm going out to vote this November 19th. Are you?

Matthew A. Hawkins