I don't do many App Reviews, if any, but I love this new app for the iPhone and iPad. It's called: Phoster Here's a quick & quirky description from the developers website: "This App is for you to create posters to promote and invite your friends at your party, concert, birthday etc. 
You will share your created posters with your friends via facebook, twitter, tumbler, and email." Things don't translate great, but good enough.

I love how quick and simple this app is to use. Here's how it works: open the app, pick a template (50+ to choose from), add your picture, change the text, save it with or without a filter AND BOOM!

The only downfall is you can't add your own text box in a place there isn't one or add different shapes unless they are a part of the template. They have some updates coming, so who knows, maybe they will show up there. In short I'd give the app an 8 out of 10, 1 1/2 thumbs up and 4 out of 5 stars... is that what you do in app reviews?

It's only 1.99 so you might as well just try it out, you can't even buy an energy drink for that price any more!

Here's a few of my own I've created: