I started watching the Canucks when I was at least 7 or 8 years old. I was a die hard fan from the start. Tony Tanti, Stan Smyl, heck I grew up with the a poster of Trevor Linden the year he was drafted. I lived and breathed Canucks hockey.

I remember watching Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994. Madison Square Garden. I remember Bure chasing the puck for an icing with seconds to spare in the game they would soon lose. I remember the feeling of defeat. The feeling of doubt that we would never see this moment again. Well, here we are today. Here is Vancouver sitting at the threshold of something that will go down in history one way or the other. Another moment to believe the Stanley Cup will makes it home in Vancouver.

Since getting into video, one of the first things I started doing was making fan videos for the Canucks. It's been a fun ride and one I'll continue to take as life goes on.
I've had the amazing privilege, because of being a Canucks fan, to do some awesome things with it:
- interview Dan Murphy from Sportsnet (still wish I had audio fixed and that I did that interview in character)
- visited GM Place (now Rogers Arena) for a behind the scenes tour, days before Crosby showed up for the first time on the West Coast
- interviewed Clayton Imoo (after years of talking about doing a video together...again with the audio...)
- interview with Brent Butt (because I persisted or he relented or both and I wish I had my audio fixed for this too... sigh)
- got to be on CTV and GLOBAL News a number of times (mostly because my kids are cute)
- was on the Canucks centre ice screen throughout a whole season for the opening videos (only pieces of my stuff, but still amazing)

I've been lucky and I hope to keep doing my nutty stuff for them.
I compiled a few of my favorite Canuck fan moments into one video for you to enjoy.