Tomorrow night I'll be checking out the Storyline Conference in Portland, Oregon. (I'll be Tweeting from the event in case you want to check in) DONALD MILLER! Get this. The NHL Hockey Team I grew up cheering for, THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS, and that I have been waiting to see raise the Stanley Cup, is playing tomorrow night. I want you to know I'm coming to your conference anyways but I'm thinking about the VANCOUVER CANUCKS WHILE I AM THERE. In fact I may even be checking the score periodically.

I would greatly appreciate some sort of notification (I know you are American and from a state that has no NHL team but still), please point out that the ONLY WEST COAST NHL Team, the Vancouver CANUCKS, are playing in game 3 and a cheer or something would be nice! You want to talk about a great STORY, let me tell you about the Vancouver Canucks. 40th year this year and they've yet to win a Stanley Cup. This could be it this week. We can share the story over beers and cigars if you like. I'm buying!

That said, I'm looking forward to your conference and looking forward to seeing a screening of Blue Like Jazz. I'm going to be the crazy guy with the CANUCKS jersey and I would appreciate at least one SHOUT OUT TO THE CANUCKS!

By the way Don, if I can call you that, I saw the Hangover II as well. I liked it but Bridesmaids was better.