I'm privileged to do the work I do. I'm more privileged and honoured to work with some of the women I work with. You see, a few weeks ago, I was thinking about all the work I do and who I get a chance to work with. I have a variety of things I do: educational biology shorts, credit union & financial marketing, school district information & communication, health & wellness videos and so on. I started to connect who most of the people are that I work with on these projects and I saw a pattern - strong, smart, beautiful, talented women.

What I'm going to be doing, over the course of the next week or so, is highlight a few of the women I work with and what kind of work they are doing. Join me.


I first met Cheryl online when Currency Marketing was starting up their social networking site based around Credit Unions. Cheryl and I connected through Twitter and blogging. After a few lunches and coffees with other top executives at Currency, I did a few Living Young & Free Shows for them to get my foot in the door. Cheryl is the host of the LYFS among many other duties she does at Currency, we had a lot of fun shooting together and talked about the idea of working on a professional basis.

It's been fun getting to know Cheryl and seeing a young woman jump full on into her career. Cheryl and I film the show twice monthly and connect a lot through emails and various twitter jokes or sarcastic comments. She is passionate about her work and is just as passionate about living her life to the fullest. It is rare to not hear Cheryl smiling (not just laughing, but smiling) because she is usually the epicentre of fun. Cheryl has a drive and tenacity to always want the best out of herself and the people around her. I love working with someone like Cheryl.

Be sure to check out the LYFS and the work Cheryl is a part of at Currency Marketing.