Tonight Season 2 of the Canadian Comedy Show - Hiccups started on CTV! Hiccups was holding a contest on Facebook: Post your love for Hiccups via video! My kind of contest... It's kind of my type of contest. I love entering video contests, but with much experience in the "your video wins with most views or is most popular because your friends don't know any better" I haven't really had much luck. I do better in the whole "we appreciate quality and funniness" kind of contest.

So my buddy Geoff Heith and I put together this fun video (some details on the process of shooting this below).

A couple fun facts about our shoot: - we ate lunch and talked about work, beer and food. - to warm up for the shoot we watched a bunch of hiccups season 2 webisodes - we didn't write down a script, we spent more time setting up my office and the camera/light gear - we started the first shots with different accents then what we ended up with, it was a progression of what you saw above - I forgot to get people to like the video until Sunday night. I should have spent more time "campaigning" - I was really hoping to win for 1 of 2 reasons - the swag or getting in with the crew of CTV & maybe even Brent Butt again

So there you have it. Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins Until the next time...