If you're easily offended, or you find off-color, rude, crude jokes offensive, then I suggest you don't bother reading this review OR bother seeing this movie. IN FACT, I suggest that you make up some signs and go picket your local theatre. Do it! No Real Spoilers Below - FYI

Hangover II takes off a few years after when the first movie ended. Although it followed the exact same plot line and didn't really deviate course to surprise you. Oh well, it was FUNNY. Zach Galifianakis was the biggest highlight of the movie for me. He really stole the show. I love his dry, slow and off beat humor. The man can make something so awkward but funny in the same stride. That takes talent.

The Wolfpack really is back! How they got wasted and went on a Bangkok evening spree is just fun to watch.

The monkey was fantastic. Any time you see a monkey chew on fake male anatomy OR smoking cigarettes, I think that's funny.

Bradley Cooper was the sex appeal of the film, even though he looked like crap. It made me feel better about myself how bad he looked. Enough about "Hottie Cooper"... pft

Ed Helms was great (most know him as Andy from the Office). From his "Mike Tyson" face tattoo to his girly scream and his "manly adventures", he was funny and insightful... ok, nothing was insightful about he was funny. Helms even had a moment of playing his acoustic guitar and singing about being in "Alantown" which makes me wonder where he got that freaking guitar from???

Overall, The Hangover Part II was funny. In no way is it a comparison to Bridesmaids by the way. The two are very different styles of humor. If you were to ask me which one I thought was funnier I think I would probably reply with both. They are both just funny, good movies to watch. So get out there this weekend and do a double header... the movie kind.

See you at the movies, Matthew A. Hawkins