So I first off want to say a BIG Thank YOU to everyone that joined the Photo Challenge, even if you only did a few pictures and then jumped ship - THANK YOU!When I first brought it up I was doing it just to challenge myself. I wanted to stop making excuses for not creating things for myself and just do it. I think this challenge has really helped me do that. After I posted it I was amazed at how many people were interested to join with me.

It's been amazing seeing how many people have been enjoying all of our photos. I've been quite surprised who has been stopping by and who has been connecting with some of you. The power of art!!!

For those of you joined the challenge, you may remember I said you should set up a Flickr account and post your pictures there for the challenge. If you do that, put all your pictures in a set and then you can create a slideshow that you can embed into your site like this...

Those in the challenge, you did a great job. Thanks for joining me and I'll be stopping by your sites often (I've added them to my Google Reader feed) and I'm sure others will too.

SO keep on snapping pictures!!!

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins