Since I've got into this industry of production, I've had some amazing footage come across my desk.I've had the privilege of working with footage from all over the world: Peru, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and more. I've had the privilege of shooting footage all across Canada and even had the chance to shoot for 5 days in Uganda.

This last week I had some of the oldest footage come across my desk. The Trail Smoke Eaters are a legacy in Trail and in the province of British Columbia. They really are very much a part of the life of people hailing from Trail. This March they are celebrating 50 years since the Smoke Eaters were World Champs. Back in the day when their was an international amateur world cup for hockey, the Smoke Eaters were selected to represent Canada.

I was given access to footage from the Smoke Eaters games, practices and other various sources, all from 50 YEARS AGO. How cool is that?!? I helped develop the following piece: