I have a confession to make.When I was younger my mom asked my brother and I for a certain mothers day gift. She loved a birdhouse mailbox that was in front of a business that was closed up. She hinted that she wanted one like it and left it at that. So my brother and I being the wonderful sons we are, waited until midnight on the night before Mothers Day and decided to go for a little drive. Out to the store on Fraser Hwy we went and we knocked over that very specific mailbox my mom referred to and away home we left. The birdhouse mailbox mysteriously was found on the front porch of our house and my mom couldn't be happier.

Recently, I did something that made me think of that old birdhouse mailbox (not exactly the one that is shown above). On my way out to visit a friend I noticed a whole bunch of daffodils in the middle of the highway. I decided that I needed to stop on my way home and pick a huge armful for my wife. So on my way home at midnight I pulled over to the middle of the highway, four way flashes on, and trekked into the highway median field. I had my sandals on. There were a bunch of thorn bushes. I pushed on and gathered a whole bunch of daffodils for my wife.

When I got home I wanted my wife to see my awesome gift I got her. It was 1am. She refused to get out of bed (she's 20 weeks pregnant and very tired and sick). I thought this would make her night. She didn't agree. Heck it could have been a flipping diamond necklace downstairs and she still would have insisted on sleep. So, we fell asleep until the storm outside woke us up: Debbie: Should I unplug my computer. Me: Yeah. PAUSE LONGER PAUSE Me: You want me to unplug it don't you? Debbie: Yes Please. Me: Um, no you do it, then you can go see your present. (Yeah I know... romantic!) Deb went downstairs and checked out her present. She came back upstairs and asked me, "Did you and Kyle go steal these from city hall?"