THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE. JUST SO YOU KNOW. REAL WORLD DOESN'T WORK LIKE THIS. While I was wasting some time yesterday, I felt the need to go and check out the set of the Sci-Fi Channel show "Eureka". "What a colossal waste of time this show is" I thought. I was more curious to check out the set and the film crews gear. I used to be an extra back in the day and have been on such great films as Fantastic Four 2, Hot Rod and one of other made for TV disaster.

All that said, while on the set of Eureka, I got talking with some PB's, or PA's (production assistants) as they are formally called, and I passed out my business card (complete with a side portrait of myself, "HAWT"). Before I knew it, Darren Lamb, my agent from Ozone Entertainment called me up. I haven't talked to Darren since my important role on Hot Rod (I was a theater attendee).  He had a supporting role ready for me to audition for on Eureka!

7:30 am this morning I walked into a small room in downtown Chilliwack and walked out with a new acting role. I'm excited to be on a mediocre, sub-par sci-fi TV show that has a declining fan base of 30 year old males that still live in their parents basement.

Here's to a new role in small town Chilliwack! Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins


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