I'm a junkie for good stationery. No joke. I love stationery stores. I would probably love working in a certain paper/printer sales company too.

I found out about Behance when I was looking for a good project management tool. From the get go I loved the way their design looked. It made me prod further. Since then I've used their online Action Method for a project (combined with their free iPhone app) and have really liked it. My only problem - I don't have what I think is enough work to warrant paying for their services... yet. That will come in time. (They have a very cool set-up for projects, including an option of having fellow co-workers to be a part of your action steps and simple check points to make sure everything is right on track.) You should check it out - HERE

So that said, I checked out their printed materials and knew I needed to give it a try. I just got the package in the mail yesterday and well, just check it out: behance6

I loved the box the way it came and from there it just got better and better!


Both of my products were packaged very well (even though it's just $15), but what I loved was the attention to detail. If you look at the book on the right, the bottom strip had creative and encouraging words for making ideas happen.


This book is the one I love and I think will be used the most (even though the action pad are just the papers from the action book, the action book has such a nice feel and sound to it!). Inside it has a little booklet on how to make the Action Book the most effective. Very cool! Just about ready to "show my ides some respect".


To say I'm excited about these new purchases would be a lie. I'M VERY EXCITED. I'm looking forward to moving forward with a few new initiatives of my own and getting some solid project management behind them will make a world of difference. This is gonna be good!


Matthew A. Hawkins