My work at PCC has just made a major shift. I've been given a project that is going to be crossing several months through print, web and video.

This is what I enjoy. I love leaving work knowing that I'm not complete a project yet. Doing projects that are just a few hours and they're done are alright. They get boring pretty quickly. They just don't seem to have the substance or intrigue to keep you too interested. I guess that's the maintenance stuff (which is still important, just not as much fun).

I like the big picture.

I'm working on a thing we've titled "everybody". Here's some quick shots of it: everybody2 I built the base of it all in Illustrator. We've talked of making a large banner in the distant future, so I wanted to go vector right away so that I didn't have to worry about having to type these names in again. From this vector I've just finished up a booklet that is 11" wide and 4.5" high (it's basically half a letter size sheet across). Here's what the background looks like (completed in Photoshop). I'll post the final printed product next week. everybody

The website is underway and video is a few weeks away. It's fun though!

Matthew A. Hawkins