Everyone can use some good resources when it comes to production. I shared a few the other day and today I want to share some golden nuggets that I use almost daily. Like I said before, you need to be using an RSS Reader if you want to keep your sanity and keep your time wasting to a minimum. So make sure you check out Google Reader - it's the bomb!

Here's two resources I love to use:

1) Church Marketing Labs I work in the non-profit sector, specifically with a lot of churches, and this site is an amazing network of some newbies and some very talented individuals. You place work you're doing in their photo stream on Flickr and let people give you tips, ideas and feedback. It really brings a lot of creative thoughts into one area and helps you out. There are some rules to posting in the group, so make sure you check those out. If you don't, you just tick off everyone and then they don't provide feedback, so be sure to get info before you post. Check them out though, it helps a lot AND you get some great ideas of what other people are doing... just don't rip their ideas off and call them your own. That's s major FAIL sticker for you!

2) Tuts Plus Wow! What an amazing network of people this is. $10 a month for their plus sites and what awesome resources they give you. They give out tonnes of free tutorials, but the plus sites gives you project files, brushes, textures, etc. and you get WAY MORE then what you pay for. An amazing site that has tutorials in After Effects, Photoshop, Audio, Illustrator and more. Not to mention their stock sites for graphics, web design/templates, and a whole load of other stuff. Check it out, you can thank me later!

What resources do you recommend? Share em with us. I gave two resources to you, so let's share what you got.

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins

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