Well I've been reading the book "The DV Rebels Guide" and I have been learning a ton. I'll be posting my review of the book later this week.While reading the book though I've be putting together a wish list for my camera gear. I already love my camera, I work with a Canon XHA1s and it's awesome.


Shoots 1440 x 1080. 2 XLR inputs, L series 20x lense and complete ease of use. I love the compactness of the LCD screen, just wish it was bigger.

I also recently purchased a wireless mic system from Wimmedia. It's the EW 100 camera set from Sennheiser. Awesome piece of equipment and compact.


All that said, and how much I love the gear I have, I have a few things on my wish list... you ready to see my inner drooling mind desiring some amazing pieces of equipment???? Um yeah, ok, let's do this.

1) Let's just get the big guy out first. The RED scarlett. It's big, beautiful and will be ready for prosumer use in the fall. It's just got a bit of a heavy price tag, but still - massive resolution, can shoot multiple frame rates (not just typical 24, 30 and 60) we're talking 1-120 and it has a whole wack of accesories you can get with it. hero4

2) A 35mm adapter. You can add this bad boy to pretty much any DV camera and get the look and feel of a big 35 mm camera. They aren't overly expensive considering what you get with the package deals, but they aren't flat out cheap either. Letus is one of the leading companies in this field for DV accessories. letus35-elite-02

3) A decent tripod. I have an above average tripod, but let me tell you its not fluid at all. I really need to look at getting something bigger, better and more fluid in movement then what I have. Manfrotto has a great selection and I also need to get something like a Manfrotto so I can look at getting #4!


4) A camera jib. Cobra Crane in the states has a great selection of top quality and affordable cranes and jibs. Do you know what the difference between a jib and a crane is? Jib - a jib is a boom device with a camera on one end, and a counterweight and camera controls on the other Crane - cranes accommodate both the camera and an operator, but some can be operated by remote control


5) Dolly/Track System - I'd love to get a dolly system for those nice smooth motions that make me get all excited watching a movie. Indie Dolly Systems has a great track and set-up.


Well from here it's just small things like a new MacBook Pro, CS4 for Mac, C4D, monitors, backdrops, props and a whole slew of other things, but yeah those are on my top five for my wish list.

What do you have on your wishlist?

Matthew A. Hawkins