A few months ago I posted about the then new site of Living Young & Free, you can read that post HERE Now I will admit I haven't been plugging myself into their network too much, but I will admit that I have been checking out their very frequent posts and information on switching over to a Credit Union. There's a lot I didn't know about banks versus credit unions and I'm impressed with not just the content they share, but the medium they use to share it.

One of the things they've started recently is their Living Young & Free Show. I love it not because of their wide variety of content but because of the collaboration effort they put into it. The show includes tips and tricks for saving and making money all with an added goofiness and fun that makes anyone enjoy it. So far I think I like the Mosquito Hunter and Sunscreen Applier the best, when it comes to finding extra work in the summer.

So here's my challenge to myself. I've found a great network of people that are interested in something I like... money. And they want to talk about it, connect and inform one another. I need to get my butt in there and start interacting.

My challenge to you is this: how long are you going to be a fly on the wall? Why do you like to just sit back and enjoy one of the pros and cons of Online Interaction - being able to observe and not interact because no one calls you to it? So jump into that new network you found. Get off the couch, you're beginning to gather dust as well!


Matthew A. Hawkins