I don't know how you find inspiration. I don't know what you do to come up with new ideas. I just know what happens inside my brain.You would think that I would start this series off with the process and order of coming up with ideas. Well I'm not going to. Hooray!

My ideas, my creativity tend to gravitate around what I'm involved in. I have many sticks in the fire. It's just what I do. I am involved in the creative process and coming up with ideas is key. I won't lie to you though, sometimes I can sit in front of my computer or behind my camera and draw complete blanks. I wish someone would get that on tape.

An idea I'm working through is slowly coming to form. It's very loosely based and doesn't have a lot of direction yet. I work best this way.

This idea I'm working on revolves around the facts that: 1) I do a lot of and work with people that do a lot of graphic design; 2) I don't like ugly things. I like symmetry. I like good color pallets. I like when things are done and look well; 3) I love to network and get other people involved (note this is something I need to work on more, but I'll save that for another time); 4) Some secrecy as I don't want to share all the details/ideas yet.

When coming up with and bringing life to your ideas, get ready for things to get messy. Nothing goes as planned, it will cost you more then you figured and it won't grow if you hang on to it yourself.

That said, enjoy a few pics and come back tomorrow for step two... if you can call it that! ;) Matthew A. Hawkins