Well I hope you're all having a great week thus far. I've had a busy but fun last two days. At PCC yesterday, I think our staff meeting was one of the best we've ever had! This is how my desk is looking right now:1) Just finished up a site for Ace Signs special thanks to Geoff for the 3d art of ACE. 2) Working on Episode 2 of Dr. Carin Bondar. Our goal is to get 3 episodes in the can and have a promo DVD to send out. If you're interested in getting one, let me know! 3) Working on another project with HFL. The last project was a little tricky, but looks good, this one looks fairly straightforward... so far. 4) I took some interior shots for Van Hoepen Construction. I'll be posting those later this week. 5) I have some Photoshop files I might post this week to share with you. So if you have Photoshop and would like free resources, they're coming! 6) Lastly, I am speaking at my church this weekend. I'll be speaking about patience... haha as if I'm an expert. I last had a chance to speak in August and I'm really looking forward to this Sunday.

How's your week looking?

Cheers, Matthew