Good day to you all! I had a great weekend, busy but great. How about you? This week is shaping up nicely and looking to be busy.

1) Working on a new project with Dr. Carin Bondar. she'll be teaching us about crayfish! Woohoo! 2) Continuing work on the Langley Jazz fest promo material - hopefully I'll be able to post something for you this week. 3) Working on another project for HFL. 4) I have a couple tutorials I'll be learning from this week and will post the footage of it. This will also be in direct relation of point 1 and 5... 5) Will be taking different pictures this week just because I want number 4 to work well.

How's your week shaping up? I'll be posting a movie review for Get Smart tomorrow. The movie comes out on DVD next week.


Matthew A. Hawkins