I'm sharing this with you not out of utter frustration but because of continuing annoyances... wait that sounds like frustration, this is simply out of a desire to HELP people learn. I get to work with computers a lot. A LOT! Everyday I am touching a laptop or pc, which is strange to think that 10 years ago I knew NOTHING about computers and had little desire to learn. Today I work with Microsoft Office (unfortunately) everyday, I work mostly in Adobe CS2 (need to upgrade... but when) and various other pieces of software (iTunes, Firefox, MSN Live Messenger, Skype, and few other random things).

That said, I get a lot of people that ask me a lot of questions. They will phone and ask all simple and sweet, or they'll email with "If you have a moment I was wondering..." or "Since you already know how to do this can you do this for me" and it goes on and on. I seem to have become a call center for tech help. Which is fine! Mostly.

If you're one of those people that likes to learn new things, then this is for you. If you're one of those people that likes to ask other people how to do something, well then you might not like me. I have self-taught myself on pretty much everything I use OR I have looked to others instructions/ideas/work flows/tutorials/resources to help me learn what I want to know. Some key steps to learn how to use your computer better and more efficiently:

1) Learn to use Google. The search bar in Google is not where you type URL Addresses or Website Addresses (layman's terms). Please look at the following:

Google is incredible for looking for tools for help. BUT you need to know what you're looking for or you'll be swimming in search results all day. Learn specific terms to be quicker.

2) Use your HELP button. I don't know how many times people have asked me for help and I have asked them if they've used their help button and they've replied NO. Use it! It's their to... HELP! I know Office gets annoying with their sidebar or dog or paperclip or whatever, but use it. Doesn't matter how dumb you think your question is, ask it. It will help narrow down what your asking for and make you feel smarter when you learn it. For instance, find out shortcut keys you can use in Office - To Save; Copy; Paste; Cut; Save As; etc. You'll find yourself saving time and maybe money!

3) Learn from others you don't know and probably will never meet. Find people online (there are a ton of sites out there for helping you learn) and learn from them. Check this site out.

4) Don't be cheap and don't be lazy. Be willing to do some work to learn what you want to do. Most people like to get other people to do it for them because it results in no effort or time spent. Take the time, make the effort, you'll find yourself feeling smarter and happier that you can do something on your own without bugging the guy next to you or giving me a phone call ;)

So go out there, learn and keep learning and keep learning. We need to!