Sitting on my desk right now I have several projects on the go, all in various states: 1) Working on project for Dr. Carin Bondar. It's a project we filmed in the rain forest of the Chilliwack River Valley with special guest Dr. Rachael Dudaniec. It's about the Coastal Giant Salamander and I'll be wrapping it up today. We'll be giving it to Shaw TV to see if they'd air something that is made in, filmed in, with people and a species from Chilliwack. Will post the clip later.

2) Beginning work on a project for the Langley Jazz Fest. A great festival held once year that is FREE! Omer Mahmood helps run it and he's a top notch guy. Shannon Brathewaite is a key person in helping with the festival and fellow production nut. Make time in your day to get to know these two, they're amazing people.

3) I'm putting together some graphics I've fooled around with and will be loading them online for you to check out.

Have an awesome day.

matthew A hawkins

PS - I'm posting an oldie for you all in case you haven't seen it. Two years since I did this bad boy