Today the movie 'The Happening' is released on DVD. I figured I'd give you a little scoop into what 'The Happening' is all about. I had a chance to view The Hap in theatres and I was among the few that somewhat enjoyed it. Director M. Night Shyamalanis is one of my favorite directors. I find his films stunning and well thought out stories, most of his films at least. The Happening took a great looking trailer with incredible suspense and an all star cast and made it into something, well something you could use for your bad-political-campaign-in-which-you-shouldn't-even-be-running-for-office-kind-of-political-campaign.

SPOILER ALERT - Yes I will wreck the movie for you now.

The Happening is simply about the environment getting back about the humans. Using plants and trees ability to talk to one another they use poisonous gases to kill off the one thing that is killing them, the humans. It really felt like M. Night was using his star power and fame to get something off his chest. It didn't feel like he cared about the story, but only the message. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for using films to preach a message, but do it well. M. Night is still one of my favorite directors, with films like Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs, I will always like him. The Happening fell short in my books, though I still enjoyed it, not may people did nor do I think you will either. Maybe pick up a copy of Zohan instead, he kicks butt and I'm sure the script is better than the Happening... ok maybe that's a little low, but hey my plant needs watering.