FilmAds is a huge part of what I do day to day.There is one other marketing company that I'm a part of and really enjoy working with. Currency Marketing is a credit union marketing company based in Chilliwack. They have built an integrated marketing approach that have made some really impressive numbers for credit unions all across North America. Check out the Young & Free HQ site. One of the things I get to work on with Currency is a bi-weekly show called, The Living Young & Free Show. We just released our 71st episode of the show. I've been working on this show for over a year now. Here's one of the first shows I got to produce for them: Click here, if your RSS feed won't show the video.

This past summer, after a couple meetings at the sweet digs of Currency, we came up with a plan to cut the length down of the show, make it more graphic heavy and really punchy. Here's one of our latest episodes: Click here, if your RSS feed won't show the video.

We've got more great ideas rolling out and it's been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this great company. Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins