I firmly believe that every small town needs to have some form of kids store or boutique. Not just a store that sells all those latest Transformer toys (which I'm not a fan of - the old classic Transformer toys are where it's at!) but sells the unique, collectable and even educational toys. Not to mention awesome kids clothing and shoes!Bo-Peep Boutique is located right in the heart of downtown Quesnel. It's a hidden gem, that really is becoming well known. They are locally owned, heavily involved in the community AND they sell Converse shoes. BONUS! Recently I produced a video for Small Town Love that was showing their clients brag about them. One of those clients was Sarah, owner of Bo-Peep. While I was in the shop filming Sarah, I took a little time to get some footage of her store and we showed her an example ad of what could play at the theatre, which happens to be right next door to Bo-Peep! Here's what we came up with:

Bo-Peep Boutique Quesnel from Matthew Hawkins on Vimeo.