FilmAds offers unique ways for local businesses to advertise in their neighbourhood theatres.Imagine giving out a sample or coupon in the lobby of the theatre as people exit and head out for the night. Or perhaps have promotional items ready after matinee's on the weekend? This could result in direct sales to your store. Direct and immediate sales. Have a watch and read a few more ideas below.

There are some amazing ways to connect with theatre audiences. Traditionally we sell ad space on our digital pre-show, but we also offer a lot of other areas as well. Theatre audiences are the most engaged and captivated audiences available. As a local business you can connect with an audience in the pre-show and immediately after their film. Just think of the possibilities of lobby giveaways: - free samples with info on your store or product - coupon available to theatre patrons with proof of their box office ticket - appetizer samples off your new menu, plus 2 for 1 drinks... - unique deal or buy one/get one option for theatre audiences only

You can also use this form of advertising to track certain sales and to be able to quickly see the results. If you'd like more information contact us - FilmAds Contact