Golden Cinema in Golden, BC is a historic landmark in this beautiful town. Tucked into the Rocky Mountains in a town known for it's incredible outdoor activities, Golden Cinema is a hot spot for evening entertainment in town.. With box office blockbusters, the MET Opera and other great entertainment content, our price of only $100 per month for advertising is a great place to market your business. Golden Cinema is run by the incredible duo of Stuart and Trish. They are passionate about Golden and running their business there. You'll love getting your businesses ad on screen in this theatre!


Monthly Attendance Average Monthly Attendance: 1,500 Monthly Highs: 1,900 Yearly Attendance for 2011: 18,791

Advertising Costs One Spot – $100/mth      We only have 8 spots available. Min. 3 month contract    Get on screen NOW! We offer 1 Screen Total


Specials Sign up for 6 months at $100 per month and get one Motion Graphic Ad created for ONLY $100. A Savings of $150.

Spots are limited and cost varies, so please Contact Us for more information to utilize this great form of advertising.