Has anyone ever said NO to you? Chances are they have.I'm not just talking about Sally in the 4th grade when she wouldn't let you play 4 Square with her. I'm talking about those big asks. What about that time you tried convincing your parents about your new found career? That loan you asked the bank for and they turned you down? That job you applied for but they said you didn't have the education or enough experience?

I've had people that were considered 'respectful' and 'honest' tell me I would never make it in the world of business. I've had people fire me because of my principles. I've had people tell me I won't amount to much of anything. I've had people tell me to get a real job. Stop dreaming and move on. Next week some big news will roll out, you won't want to miss it.

Someone close to my family had his high school teacher tell him it was okay to just be a labourer in life, "Nothing wrong just working hard in a ditch for someone else". That same high school teacher was eating his words when the man he talked down to saved his life in the back of an ambulance.

Chris Medina was voted off American Idol. He was told NO. What did he do? Went out and made it happen anyways. Why aren't you making it happen? Just because someone said NO, is a pretty sad excuse.

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