So last night I had a little bit of fun in what my wife has nicknamed "the Batcave" aka my office. I absolutely dislike (I'm trying not to use the word hate these days) fluorescent lighting (I need to change the ceiling lights in my office... just another thing on the to do list).

I wanted to breakdown how I made my DARK photos from last night but I was tired and just happy to get some cool photos in the challenge.

SO here's how I did what I did. I need to use a light with a soft box or filter, some gaffers tape, a quality camera stand and then adjust my f.stop, ISO and shutter speed to get the right amount of light into the camera (in lightroom I only switched things to black & white, bumped up the darks just a little bit and then highlighted my eyes in a couple shots with the adjustment brush).

Here are the tools I used... very professional!!!

I used wax paper and some scrap paper and tape around my desk lamp to soften the light, I used some harddrives/lightscribe drive and a book for my camera stand. It was just a matter of shooting and testing and shooting and testing. Only took me 20 minutes or so and that was it. Fun and easy to do!!!

1/60 ~ f.4.5 ~ ISO 500

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins