Today was a make-up day from yesterday. I was busy editing and watching football and busy editing. With it being cold outside and our crazy busy day yesterday, we all hunkered down and just hung out at home. My wife has a chair in our living room that is just hers. I love it when the kids all sit with her there. This time I got a picture with just the boys with her, but it's not unusual to find all three of the little Hawkins' sitting with her there.

livingroom 1/50 ISO 1000 f1.4 - with my 50mm 1.4 lens

When our boys play they have a tendency to take over the whole living room. This time K#2 was showing off his boat he built on the ground. Both our boys have such an imagination and it's fun to watch and get involved with them.

This shot also makes me want to get a fish eye lens. Such a fun shot to take.

livingroom-2 1/50 ISO 1000 f3.5 - 15-85mm Lens

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