Well it's been an incredible month of June. It flew by so fast. So many things that I've been able to see and experience. A lot of things have been put into perspective for me. Let me share a few of the point form thoughts I've had over the last four weeks of my life.

- Kids are the same no matter where you are in the world. They love to play, laugh and be loved. These are basic kid needs. - London is a beautiful city. I want to go back there. I swear I'll go back there. - My travels have brought me new inspiration for the goals and dreams I have in life. I feel like a man on fire and I only hope to spread that fire. Be ready, I may just knock on your door. - Most people go through life without chasing the things that inspire them the most. They do what they think needs doing. They live the ordinary because of fear of the unknown. I have learned that I love the unknown even more in life now than I ever have before. - Possibilities are endless, anywhere in the world. Most things may cost money, but everything takes ingenuity. I am discovering I have plenty of that and am learning from the people that have even more of it. - Not everyone will like you. Big deal. Get over it and continue being who you are. (This doesn't mean you have reason to be a jerk... unless you're Steve Martin). - The world keeps on ticking whether the headlines say things are upside down or not. Headlines can only slow things down, not stop them. - Sweden has a great pair of twins that finally re-signed. - CFL season is upon us. Go Esks! - If you want to be passionate about something, you need to have your heart invested in it. That usually involves getting your heart broken and fixed a few times.

Just some ramblings.

Matthew A. Hawkins