I'm editting a bunch of different things right now. Sometimes I can't seem to keep it all straight. It's confusing but good because this means things are busy. One of the things I'm enjoying the most is the endless (or feels like it) amount of footage I took in Uganda. So far I've done an overview video, dairy project update and a partial DVD of the interview we filmed with the couple that runs the children's home at Noah's Arc Children Ministry Uganda. Currently I am working on a piece of the baby we got to meet at a police station (she was abandoned in front of someones home and is now at the kids home!) and it should be ready next week sometime... hopefully. Next week is a different story when it comes to video editing, as I have 12, yes 12 videos to edit to be 1-3 min in length. Should be fun!


My project last night went well.  It will be ready tonight. I'm going to make some time for it! I need some filters for my camera to help cut out light/glare from windshields and to cut down light in a live setting. Anyone have a good recommendation?

In the meantime, keep on trucking. Cheers,

Matthew A. Hawkins