*If you've just started reading this post I recommend you start with part one. I'm working through the thoughts and notes I first put there.  Read it HERE This is part two of the series. TRY

I've tried a few things in my life. One thing I learned when I was younger was that though that piece of food may look slimy, gross and unappetizing, that escargot can actually be very tasty! Being a parent now I've had to encourage my oldest son to try everything at least once. He's tried some foods he likes and some that he's decided aren't worth trying twice.

Of the four points of "TRY. FAIL. LEARN. ADJUST." most people would get caught up on the first one. Considering we live in a culture that has more chances for opportunities then any other place or time in history, it seems few people just go for it. People seem to shy away from just trying something.

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” - Wayne Gretzky

Here's just a rough list of some of the things I've tried. Some I failed at, some succeeded, some I learned from.

  • Before I got engaged I stood on a driveway with my wife and asked her if she wanted to give us a real shot. If not she needed to tell me right there. I was scared to say the least.
  • I taught a lesson on the Matrix when I was pastoring.
  • I worked at a fancy restaurant in Fort Langley, serving bread and wine. When I was 14.
  • This blog. I've tried numerous attempts at it. It started with LiveJournal, then Blogspot and now being on Wordpress I have gone through several make-overs and attempts at it.
  • When I was pastoring I tried a Free Cheeseburger Friday night... with teenagers and McDonalds cheeseburgers.
  • My work I do at Cottonwood 4 Cinemas in Chilliwack.
  • I tried putting together a movie script and filming a short of the same script.
  • Participating twice in a Canucks Ultimate Fan Video Contest - www.thecanucksfan.com
  • And more...

I sat thinking about all the things I've tried. I re-read some of Tribes and went over the video again from Criag Groeschel and I started thinking but all of it:

  • I have sat in meetings I don't think I belonged in. Meetings I called together because I just tried.
  • I have been able to film in some amazing places, to highlight: filming in GM Place; filming on top of a mountain with no where to go; filming out the side of a helicopter (done that twice now).
  • I have spoke in front of people I don't feel I was qualified to speak in front of.
  • Trying new business strategies that I don't know enough about but have amazing people willing to try; taking my hobbies and applying them to business so others can succeed.
  • And more.

All that leads up to what comes tomorrow. The things I've failed at. It's been challenging and encouraging looking at these failures in my life. I hope you'll join me again tomorrow.

What have you tried?

Share your comments below.

Matthew A. Hawkins