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Getting on the Fringe: A Fan's Perspective

NEWS FLASH! We met John Noble AND Joshua Jackson! CLICK HERE! It all started as a joke... come to think of it, most things between me and my friend Jason start off that way. We became extras as a joke and ended being on a couple of cool shoots (Hot Rod, Fantastic Four 2) and I got to meet Jessica Alba.

*FRINGE Set Pictures below!!!

We began watching Fringe about a year ago and we like it. It's a great show. I want to forewarn you now, it may seem like we're crazy fans BUT I can assure we are not. After watching an episode around Christmas time and laughing at the antics and lines of Walter Bishop, played by the great John Noble, we said jokingly that it would be awesome to get our picture taken with him.

Let the adventure begin.

Since that point I have been on/around the set of Fringe a number of times. Trying to meet Mr. John Noble and Joshua Jackson. I've been to several locations, either by myself or with friends/family. The first place we went to was Pacific Central Train Station on a Friday night... Hanging out at Pacific Central on a Friday night, waiting for... on TwitpicStill hanging out but now @ashvau has joined the crew  on TwitpicWoohoo! #fringe #yvrshoots no Walter no Peter today next time... on Twitpic

But no luck. No John, no Joshua and no Anna.

The closest I've come to meeting John was at UBC this week, when I had the chance to take my 3 year old son with me. The crew was awesome helping us try and meet John, but we missed him by a few minutes. Better luck next time right? Well guess again... almost.

Last night we headed down to Chinatown in Vancouver and walked around the set. I felt bad for the cast and crew. Wet, cold and snow still on the ground, they were in for a long haul, working all day and into the wee hours of the night. For us, however, luck would shine it's pretty little head our way, but first a few shots for you to check out... (sorry Geoff for screwing up your picture!) We did get to meet Anna Torv which was pretty darn cool, PLUS she was so nice to take some pictures with us!

    More on my adventures with Fringe and whatever else we may come up with as it happens!
    Now just to meet Mr. Noble and Mr. Jackson!

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Behind The Scenes: Pro Photogs Unite

Well we had a lot of fun shooting our latest video: Pro Photogs Unite We're coming out with part 2 later this week because we had a lot of material to work with. So stay tuned for that. We also wanted to share a few photos for your enjoyment (thanks to Jason and his new love for Hipstamatic... now if we can only get his pictures off the iPhone...)

Here's our photos "for reals":



The Challenge is Done

So I first off want to say a BIG Thank YOU to everyone that joined the Photo Challenge, even if you only did a few pictures and then jumped ship - THANK YOU!When I first brought it up I was doing it just to challenge myself. I wanted to stop making excuses for not creating things for myself and just do it. I think this challenge has really helped me do that. After I posted it I was amazed at how many people were interested to join with me.

It's been amazing seeing how many people have been enjoying all of our photos. I've been quite surprised who has been stopping by and who has been connecting with some of you. The power of art!!!

For those of you joined the challenge, you may remember I said you should set up a Flickr account and post your pictures there for the challenge. If you do that, put all your pictures in a set and then you can create a slideshow that you can embed into your site like this...

Those in the challenge, you did a great job. Thanks for joining me and I'll be stopping by your sites often (I've added them to my Google Reader feed) and I'm sure others will too.

SO keep on snapping pictures!!!

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins



Day 30 - Final Day of the Challenge

For the final picture of the challenge I couldn't help but want to do something completely ridiculous. It makes life so much more fun.Leading up to Christmas holidays theres a lot of talk about food drives and can food drives. Well I thought it would be funny to take a picture of some cans...



Other people in the 30 Day Challenge:

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My Dark Photos

So last night I had a little bit of fun in what my wife has nicknamed "the Batcave" aka my office. I absolutely dislike (I'm trying not to use the word hate these days) fluorescent lighting (I need to change the ceiling lights in my office... just another thing on the to do list).

I wanted to breakdown how I made my DARK photos from last night but I was tired and just happy to get some cool photos in the challenge.

SO here's how I did what I did. I need to use a light with a soft box or filter, some gaffers tape, a quality camera stand and then adjust my f.stop, ISO and shutter speed to get the right amount of light into the camera (in lightroom I only switched things to black & white, bumped up the darks just a little bit and then highlighted my eyes in a couple shots with the adjustment brush).

Here are the tools I used... very professional!!!

I used wax paper and some scrap paper and tape around my desk lamp to soften the light, I used some harddrives/lightscribe drive and a book for my camera stand. It was just a matter of shooting and testing and shooting and testing. Only took me 20 minutes or so and that was it. Fun and easy to do!!!

1/60 ~ f.4.5 ~ ISO 500

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins