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My Year: 2011 Highlights

2011 was pretty awesome. There were a number of things that made it so. I wanted to recap a few of the things that stuck out the most to me.

1. Cineplex Media & FilmAds In April I was able to see a 6 month conversation and a 1 year idea come to fruition. FilmAds officially signed a partnership with Cinplex Media. The deal has opened tremendous doors for the 12 theatres that I work with. I'm very excited for each of the theatres I work with and the new theatres we'll be signing up in 2012.

2. Fringe Last December my friend Jason and I came up with the crazy idea to meet John Noble (Walter Bishop on Fox's Fringe) and we started to go out and visit the Fringe film sets. You can also check out how we met Joshua Jackson and others here.

3. Dan Murphy Interview Aside from some technical issues that were completely my fault. I had a lot of fun interviewing Dan Murphy of Sportsnet (all because I asked him if he'd be up for it through Twitter) My friend Geoff Heith filmed the interview and afterwards we figured we'd head over to Rogers Arena and see if we could watch the Canucks practice... which we actually got to do.

4. Brent Butt Interview After I got to meet cast members from Fringe, I moved on to a new fun project: trying to film a Canadian comedian legend... Brent Butt. It all started with a few twitter questions and then a blog post. Brent responded on Twitter saying he'd do the interview once he got enough Twitter followers... which over time he finally got. Thus the interview (with another technical glitch that I've learned never to make again)

5. The Valley Votes Interviews For the municipal election in the Chilliwack area (Hope, Agassiz, Harrison & Chilliwack) I was asked by the Valley Votes team (run by the Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board) to interview candidates about important and pertinent things in the Chilliwack area. It was a great chance for me to sit down with influential people in the community and hear them out and share a bit about me as well. You can see all the interviews here.

6. 1Day Design I get to work with a number small businesses all across BC and Alberta. With the way the economy has been going it's proven tough for small businesses to do much in terms of marketing. Since I run a medium for businesses to market themselves, I wanted to give a simple option to get great advertising tools from - enter 1Day Design. As the 1Day Design site says "1Day Design is a service that is offered once a month. 1Day a month we create you a new website, logo, video or more. 1Day we design work for you at 1Price." The other side of 1Day Design is we give 50% of the money raised to charity. So far, we've given over $200 to charity and we've only been running for 2 months. It's a start to something great!

7. Witness for the Prosecution On my list for things to do for a while, was to have a role in a play. My actual goal was just to audition, but I guess I was good enough to play the part. Thanks to my friend and colleague Janet Carroll (the director) I was able to take on 3 roles (1 non-speaking) in the play "Witness for the Prosecution" by Agatha Christie. My main role was Thomas Clegg, a stuttering Englishman, nervous as anything because he's taking the stand in court and he never does well with it. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and hope to do it again in the future.

8. Currency Marketing and The Living Young & Free Show If you've ever spent any time on my blog, then you know I've spoken about Currency Marketing and LYFS. I have tried for a number of years to find a spot on their team. I really like the work they do and the people that work there. So in the spring of this year, I signed up for contract work with the Currency team and it's been so much fun to work with them. A lot of what I do is literally behind the scenes. You wouldn't really know what I'm doing unless I told you but a lot of what I do is film, direct and edit the Living Young Free Show (which is a bi-weekly show we produce) and I do a lot of coding/application entries for all their contests and spokespeople application entries. It can get really crazy, but is a lot fun... just check out their Christmas video we did:

9. My Family After 2010 and the craziness and ups and downs we went through then, 2011 was a year of incredible time together. We got to go on a great 3 week road trip in the summer, in which we visited Salmon Arm, Nelson, Trail, Red Deer, Edmonton, Valemount and more (all while visiting some awesome friends, family and theatres!!!). We were also able to go to other great places through the year like Seattle, a weekend in the west end of Vancouver, a week at a beach house in Parksville (thanks to a special friend for letting use the last two places!) and camping in the Shuswap. It was a year for us to spend great time together, build new memories and start getting an idea of what the future is going to look like for us.

To all my blog readers, thanks for checking in and occasionally commenting. If anything, I do this blog for myself, but I love that you stop by and check out what's happening. Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins



1Day Design - November's Designs

  We had an awesome time in November putting together 2 great designs for clients.

The first was a logo. The client gave us some great insights of what they'd like to see in their logo. We came up with the following:

















We also worked on the 3rd ad we've created for Shuswap Bliss, the first one we've created with 1Day Design.

Make sure you sign up for our December 1Day Designs as well! It's a great way to get awesome design work done and give back to the community.

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins



1Day November & Geoff Heith

We're very excited to let you know that this month for 1Day Design we have the uber talented Geoff Heith helping us out with some of our designs. Geoff is talented in a multi faceted kind of way - video, photo, graphic design (3D, motion etc.) and not to mention he's a great friend. So if you're looking for some quality design work and you're on a tight budget, now's the time to sign up for one of our FOUR spots left for November. Get any work done (logo, motion graphic video, website, etc.) for ONLY $100.

What are you waiting for?

Sign Up Today!



1Day Design: November

Over at 1Day Design we have a special coming out for November. Typically we offer 1Service 1Price 1Client 1Design. Well for the month of November, to help current clients and prospective clients of FilmAds - we'll be offering 5 motion graphic ads to 5 companies for $100 each. (I should note that we've also booked 1Client for 1Logo design in November already!)

Half of the profits for Novembers 1Day Design, which will take place on November 10th, will go towards gift and food baskets that the local fire department distribute to families deserving a little extra around Christmas time. We'll be sharing this event with you in future blog posts as well.

So if you, someone you know, someone your mom knows, or whoever, would like to get a motion graphic ad done for their business in one or all of our 12 FilmAds Theatres OR just for Internet/Facebook/Blog/Twitter usage, then head over to 1Day Design and sign up right away! We are limiting the spots to just 5 (FIVE!) so make sure you sign up today!

Here's an example of what we can create you in a day*

*With 1Day Design you pay $100 for the ad as is. You supply us the content and we design away. We promise by the end of the day, you'll have an awesome design at a crazy low price!