I talk a lot about stupid videos I want to make on my own.

I get so caught up on doing client work. Paid work. And I push my own ideas/projects to the side, thinking that one day I'll get my own stuff done.

That 'one day' never comes.

Until now.

In January I started meeting with a personal coach (a separate post about that is on it's way) and laid out my professional and personal goals for 2014. I've been working towards all of them, but the personal ones have really started to take shape.

In April I'll be launching two personal projects, the first of those upcoming projects is one I have decided to call ShinShawk. 

Why ShinShawk?
Good question. I wanted to have a name for my videos to fall under, that had the name 'Hawk' in it. Select nicknames that friends have given me didn't seem to fit too well... HawkBalls, among others, just don't seem to work for what I'm doing with these new videos. I came across the bird, the shin hawk or sharp-shinned hawk, and turned into something for my own use: ShinShawk. I conveniently took a shot block at hockey a few weeks later (see pic).

These videos are going to be various characters myself and friends have created, GoPro videos and other crazy ideas I have been sitting on for two long.

So get ready, ShinShawk is coming soon!

Matthew A. Hawkins