A while ago I learned an invaluable lesson when it comes to filming, everybody has a story to tell. The difficulty with filming is trying to convey that story to your audience. I recently came across these first two clips that are great references to how to tell your story. 

I love Andrew Stanton's talk about sharing/writing about what you know. If we have a story to tell. Tell it. Tell it your way. That's what I love with filming, there is no right or wrong way to do it, do it the way that tells your story best. 

A few years ago I watched this following TED talk and still remember it. It's a talk that's left an impression and some inspiration in me. JJ Abrams one of the best modern day storyteller's and he shares where his passion for storytelling comes from. 

And if you want just a little proof of JJ's story abilities (other than Super 8, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Alias, etc.) just check out this teaser trailer for his book 'S':

For me, there are various stories I want to tell. The stories of others in my community, stories of friends and family, the crazy stories inside my head. Those first two clips I found last night have helped inspire me to push to be a better storyteller and to write from my experience, not try to be anyone else but me. So let the story telling continue.