This past summer I started helping with making fishing gear review videos. I loved it. A lot.

I got involved with a video review group and started applying both my video and marketing skills. It was amazing to connect my passion for filming with my passion for fishing. I jumped into the service with both feet and immersed myself into a new form of online marketing and saw some small successes.

After a lot of conversations, hitting a few walls and working through some of my own personal issues of starting something up again, I came up with Fishing Guys.

One of my best fishing buddies, Ryan, and I talk a lot about all things 'life' when we hit the river. We talk about our wives, kids, jobs and general non-sense. I told Ryan about my idea of doing a fishing website and getting more video work and general fishing craziness out there.


I loved Ryan's response to me: 'How much do I need to kick your a$$ to get you to do this?' so with that and my wife saying 'When was the last time you failed at doing something?' (which is her way of saying that I haven't stepped out and tried anything really out there for way too long) I knew what I needed to do. 

We've schemed up video ideas, pictures, potential names and logos. We also talked about doing a podcast, something I knew nothing about and have never tried... until now (as of today we have two recorded). It's been a fantastic couple of months putting together new creative channels. To be honest, I feel invigorated and ready for creating more new work. It's been awesome having my wife and close friends right behind and beside me, pushing me onto building something new.

The other really big help in all of this has been my personal coach I've been seeing. I'll be writing about my sessions with her soon and just how awesome she's been, so stay tuned for that. I never knew how useful and insightful having a personal coach could be. She's also been a big proponent behind all of these new endeavours in my life.

That said, Fishing Guys is happening today!! Our official launch of Fishing Guys is happening. A local group of passionate anglers that love to fish, conserve and enjoy the outdoors. Latest local fishing news, gear reviews, podcasts, and fishing trips. Be sure to check out the new site: