The comic book world has some catch phrases for their characters:

Thor “I say thee NAY!”
The Thing “It’s clobberin’ time!”
Wolverine "I'm the best at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice"
Spiderman "My Spider-Sense is tingling."
Superman "This looks like a job - FOR SUPERMAN."

There is one catch phrase that gets used by heroes and villains alike, and gets very little notice or attention. It's a phrase of determination. It's a phrase of hapless purpose. It doesn't matter your intentions, albeit good nor bad, this catch phrase will work. 

It's a perfect catch phrase you can use everyday, whether you want to conquer the world (for good or bad), or lay in bed and watch the world go by. You can let your counterparts (good/bad) know just what they are in for.


"Not Today."

Batman letting Joker his plans to destroy Gotham won't work, Darkseid letting the Justice League know they won't be seeing their loved ones; OR, you want to let procrastination know it won't work, or that you won't let traffic annoy you... try using this comic book catch phrase to get your through it "Not Today."

When you do say it, try it with fists on your hips and chest pushed towards the sky and you'll see just how good that can feel. While you're at it, if you trying calling or texting me to talk, I'll probably just let you know 'Not today, not today.' 

What's Your Favorite Comic Book Catch Phrase?
Matthew A. Hawkins