***What I'm Assuming Will Be The Last UPDATE*** February 7th 
My initial Tweet and Post was on February 1st - You can read all about it below, but here's how today's conversation on Twitter went with ol'Timmie.

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One of my sons had a Jiu Jitsu class this morning. He has been hesitant to go to class, so when he does go with a great attitude we try hard to give him a little reward back.  He worked hard this morning and it seemed like a nice reward for him and the other kids for a donut or two from Tim Hortons. 

The following conversation took place:

Me - I'd like a dozen donuts please.
Tim Hortons Worker - We don't have a dozen donuts. (Translation: we know Saturdays are always busy but we refuse to learn from past product sales and be prepared for the large crowds that come through our stores)
Me - Ok, how about half a dozen? 
Tim Hortons Worker - I only have 6 plain donuts. (Translation: I've been ill equipped to deal with instances where we run out of product. Instead I'm left not knowing what to say or do, so I do nothing.)
Me - I'll take some Timbits then please.
THW - We don't have any. (Translation: Instead of being able to compensate you with a back up plan or alternative, again I do and say nothing.)
Me - I'll have a large black coffee.
THW - That'll be $1.83 (Translation: The company only cares about the bottom dollar and nothing about their customers. As an employee for this company I translate our care for quality customer service by offering you nothing other than making you pay for your coffee.)
Me - Seriously, you're going to charge me?!?! 
THW... No Response. No Good-bye.


I hate Tim Hortons, yet my kids think their donuts are awesome but only because no other place in Chilliwack offers drive thru donuts. It's not supply and demand, it's a monopoly of cheap baked goods that kids like too much.

We'll find a much better reward for my son next time and it won't be at Tim Hortons. 

***LATEST UPDATE*** February 7th 

Since my post on February 1st, it went untouched by Tim Hortons until now. We will see if anything happens with it. 

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