I'm not much of an app junkie.
I'm not always looking for the latest and greatest, but below are my current go to apps on either my iPhone or iPad.

What are your current favs?


1. TeuxDeux
Their purpose, as listed on their site...
The purpose of TeuxDeux is a modest one and one we think we have achieved. We set out to create a to-do list that is: Simple & Beautiful

I use TeuxDeux for just about everything. It takes some work to get into the groove of using it, but I love that I have it synced between all devices and that you can have your day to day to do list, plus extra side to do lists. 


2. Kindle Reading App
Part of why I got my iPad last year was for accessibility of books. I'll admit there is nothing like having the real thing in your hands, but to be honest, there are some books you can't track down without ordering online and some of those books are worth a read, but not necessarily ever owning. 

Having the Amazon.ca one click purchase is awesome and is pretty cool to have it sync right away with your Kindle app, so you can get reading right away. Not to mention, Amazon is getting more and more comic collections now (nerd moment).


3. GoPro App
I bought a GoPro in the summer to add different shots to my video work. At first I didn't use the GoPro app and I wish I had. Being able to monitor, capture and create videos from your app is so cool. With the GoPro having no playback built on it, being able to see what your recording via WiFi connection is awesome. 

I was hesitant to jump on the GoPro train, but with the app alone, I've been very impressed with GoPro and have plans on what I'll be doing with this thing.

I also tried uploading footage from the GoPro to my iPad, then editing in the iMovie app. Fun experience but not something I want to do all the time.


4. Lose It!
With the help of this app I've lost over 40lbs. Sure the app doesn't make you lose weight, but being able to monitor your food intake and daily activity on a simple to use app, sure does help.
Lose It! is FREE and they are constantly making updates. I've been really impressed with this app and having badges for reaching different milestones sure makes it a lot of fun.


5. Feedly
With the death of Google Reader, it was time for something new to rise up. Feedly is an awesome RSS Feed Reader. I was doubtful anything would replace Google Reader, but Feedly has blown away all of my expectations. For one thing, Google Reader never had a good app for the iPad or iPhone, and Feedly has created an awesome reading experience. 

Use Feedly on your browser, tablet or smartphone and keep up to date with all your favourite sites. I love that it uses my previous Google Reader feeds, so I didn't even have to migrate anything over. The app also allows you to create different reading 'experiences' or layouts and makes reading from your tablet easy. Flipboard has something similar, in terms of layout, but Feedly is a lot smoother experience and I find much, much easier to get your sites latest info.

What are you current favourite apps?

Matthew A. Hawkins