Recently I had the chance to work with a number of people running for various municipal positions, from Trail, BC to Quesnel and Chilliwack. It's been a lot of fun getting involved with these people and seeing their hopes and plans for their communities.

Bob Simpson Mayoral Candidate :: Quesnel, BC ::

You can watch Bob's videos here.

We filmed Bob talking about his platform and what he wants to bring to Quesnel. He's been releasing the videos slowly as the campaign wraps up. The videos have been a great connection point for people on Facebook and an excellent addition to his website.

Michael Kha City Council Candidate :: Chilliwack, BC ::

I connected with Michael and his wife on Twitter and we connected really well in our first meeting. Michael wanted to make a video that would push people to his website and could connect with a younger audience. He also wanted to create something that would be usable for running pre-roll ads on YouTube in a targeted region. Check the video out below:

I've really enjoyed following these several campaigns and being able to help people out, that are passionate about their communities. 

Be sure to get out there and vote November 15th for your municipalities. It matters!