Plenty of movies coming out that are on my 'must not watch' list. Here are a few and my reasons why I don't want to watch them. 

Kevin Costner tries to resurrect his career with yet another sports movie. He must have watched Money Ball and thought that if it worked for Brad Pitt, that it could work for himself. I'm highly doubtful.

When Jesse Pinkman drove off the set of Breaking Bad, he got into the racing scene. It's a Fast & the Furious, meets video game series, meets AMC hit show cross-over. Spells major awards right?! Maybe The Rock will make an appearance in this one to really put it over the top.
Is this movie Aaron Paul doing his agent a favour? One of the old 'do one for them and I can do one for me' kind of Hollywood deals?

Really Stallone? Really? I haven't even had the chance to watch any of your other sequels to get caught up with this one. 

Any movies out there that look as bad or worse? Do share.

Matthew A. Hawkins