Working in video production for a number of years now, I like to think that I have a decent grasp on what I'm doing and what other people around me are doing. I've primarily worked with small rigs and smaller crews, but I feel like I've learned enough to be a little bit established in what I do.

When I talk with other people that dabble in video production, either full/part time, or just on the side, I find they fit in one of two groups. They either belong in...

1) The Technical Film Group
2) The Creative Film Group

The Technical Film Group are the people that are nuts about all of the latest and greatest in film technology. They can tell you about frame rates, camera stabilization, the latest refresh rates, working 2K or 4K sizes, etc. 
So often these guys can show you how the software works, the plugins or how to make the best camera movements, not necessarily the prettiest shots though.


The Creative Film Group are the ones that have this seemingly easy ability to grab any gear and make something amazing with it. They focus on the content and not necessarily the equipment. They know enough of the software to make their stuff amazing and they can utilize the equipment they have to get the style of shot they are looking for. 

If you're in any sort of creative work, do you find this to be true as well?

What group do you think you'd fall in?


Are you tech or creative video kind of person?

Are you tech or creative video kind of person?