I'm quite happy to be putting the 2013 year behind me and move on to new and exciting things. 

2013 was a year of some major disappointments, both in my personal life and in my professional career. My heart was crushed, doors were closed and there were some major questions that left me looking at what the future would look like.


That said, 2014 is a new year and a chance for a new start. 

To help with that new start I'm going to be sharing a few things over the next few weeks of things that I've done to help me start a fresh in the past. These will be anything from books I've read, hobbies I've started, personal things I've changed in my life and professional steps I've taken. 

Come back, check out what's happening and I look forward to sharing the start of something new.


Matthew A. Hawkins

And if you have an extra 34 minutes to kill...