Last year I went through a bit of a hammock test phase. I had bought and tried out several different hammocks and found the one I really liked. I wanted something portable and not necessarily dependent on trees. 

I tried one hammock out that came with stands and could be carried just about anywhere with a little effort. It's a great hammock, but just not what I wanted. I've decided this summer I would try and sell it, but I would have a little fun while doing it. So I came up with this: 

I've put the video on Facebook (including a local buy & sell page) and on Twitter. It's gotten a lot of responses, despite the low number of views. 

My favorite response would have to be this one on Twitter: 


Just goes to show you that a stupid idea, having camera gear handy and ready to go, plus a few quality views on YouTube, can help you get whatever it is you're selling, out there.

By the way, the hammock is still for sale, only $60 ;) 


Matthew A. Hawkins