We live in the information age. We have the ability to gain information on any topic, any subject, any interest, any hobby, ANYTHING unlike any other generation has ever had EVER. Information is so easily accessible and FREE. We have the ability to access libraries of information within seconds and can cram our little craniums full of useful (and not so useful) information, yet people continue to think that the three words 'I Don't Know' is still an applicable excuse.

As a parent, I've decided my kids aren't allowed to say two things, first 'I Can't Do It' - saying you can't do something, is saying you won't do something, I say it's better to try and fail then to have not tried at all. The other thing that is banned from my house is 'I Don't Know' - In our world today, if you don't know something, find out. Ask someone. Look it up.  Answers are seconds away.


Saying 'I Don't Know' is an incredible copout. In today's world when I hear people say it, I hear people saying that not only are they unwilling to look something up but that they are also too lazy to bother with even seeing if that knowledge is available for them to gain. 

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista... pick your poison. Go with it! Pick a search engine and type anything in, ANYTHING!!! I am always amazed that people aren't even willing to type in ridiculous things into Google to look for whatever it is they are seeking knowledge for. Chances are VERY high that someone(s) else has already done this.  

why are.png

I love doing searches like this to find not only what I'm searching for, but I might even find information on things I never even knew I was interested in... Why are manhole covers round?!?!  

Being in video production/marketing having easy access for information is crucial for me to see how to do various types of effects, styles, shots AND it's also a great resource for me to see if it's something within my reach or something I need to practice, attempt before I can bring it to a client and offer it as a service. 

'I Don't Know'  is not an option. It should be 'I don't know, but I do know, I can find the answer.'