My kids have been wrapped up in all things Star Wars lately, might have something to do with the re-discovery of Lego Star Wars and the promise they can play Xbox in the mornings when it's summer time (especially since they have been waking up at 6am - ugh). 

Watching through Star Wars segments from Episode 1-6 on Lego Star Wars and even getting back into watching the REAL Star Wars movies (4-6) again, I've been thinking about some important life lessons we can learn from Star Wars:

1) Don't whine about not being able to leave the farm and then be given a chance to leave the farm, only to find out everyone at your farm has been killed. 
 Life Lesson: don't whine.

Beware of droids.

Beware of droids.

2) If two mysterious droids show up in your life with a secret message, either run away quickly because everyone you care about will be killed (because the evil Vader is hunting them down to kill them and anyone they come in contact with); OR, quickly hide them out in Mos Eisley where Han Solo can hide them in the hull of his ship.
Life Lesson: meet new droids, run like hell and hide.

3) Anakin Skywalker was whiny, which makes Darth Vader whiny, which made Luke Skywalker whiny. Princess Leia proves to be tough as nails, so whose the real twin sister in this family? 
Life Lesson: boys whine more than girls.

4) When working for Darth Vader, despite being ahead of schedule and having every man work on the evil Death Star, don't admit you're doing everything you can do because it will never be enough. Just admit you're behind schedule and that your men can do more work, because in the end, it's your men that will do more work and not you. 
 Life Lesson: Leave room for error; OR, let your team pick up the slack and make you look like the hero (since you already playing for the wrong team).

5) Did the guys on the Death Star really think it was ok to blow up an entire planet? When they blew up Princess Leia's home planet, did any of them think 'Holy crap, this giant moon actually works? I didn't think we would senselessly blow up tens of thousands of people for a cause I don't necessarily believe in.'
 (Side note: wouldn't the universes gravity situation be an issue with an entire planet being blown up?)
Life Lesson: Gauge the cause and effect before acting accordingly. Your decisions can have direct influence on other people's lives.


There you have it. Some thoughts and lessons I gathered while watching Star Wars again for the 101st time and seeing it through new eyes with my kids. 

What do you think? Any life lessons to learn from Episode 4 of Star Wars?

Matthew A. Hawkins

We just blew up an entire planet just to find out where a small group of rebels are. How do you feel about this?

We just blew up an entire planet just to find out where a small group of rebels are. How do you feel about this?