Moment of confession here.
My guilty pleasure for TV shows is watching Finding Bigfoot.
A close friend and I watch it in hopes that one day the cast will stumble across AND record, a real life sighting of Bigfoot AKA The Sasquatch.

My favourite parts of the show, yes I said favourite, are when Bobo makes his unique Squatch calls and when the cast knocks branches around in the forest, as if that is some attempt at communicating with Sasquatch. Maybe it's timber morse code?!?!

With Global News BC reporting recent sightings of Bigfoot in the Lower Mainland, it leaves me wondering if I'm really living in one of the Squatchiest places on the planet. 

Do YOU Believe in Sasquatch? 

And apparently some Bigfoot DNA is going to be coming to the forefront? *

*I don't know what to believe about all of this, but it's a fun way to spend time with good friends.